Designing Residential Dwellings

Design Residential projects based on Australian Standards and Codes (AS/NZS). Learn how to read and assess Architectural drawings. Be taught how to use Australian Designing & Drafting Software Packages such as, Structural Toolkit, SpaceGASS & AutoCAD.

Internship Program

All students who successfully complete our courses will be allocate to a Guaranteed 12-Week Internship Program in a professional and well-established structural engineering firm in Melbourne to practice the learned material on real life projects under supervision.

Open Community Group Chat

Our students will have access to our exclusive Live-Online Open Community Group Chat. Participate in our group chat to discuss questions, challenges and share knowledge with the trainer and both current and past students in a friendly, supportive and active environment. 

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Engineers Institute Australia - EIA is leading the way in delivering professional and practical unique structural engineering courses.

We deliver extraordinary designing courses to our students to facilitate, prepare and develop their analytical, problem-solving and designing skills. This will build your confidence to deal with the challenges Engineers are faced with in the real world. Our courses are a result of years of experience consolidated and tied with theory, hands on experience and based on Australian Standards and Codes. These Courses are ideal for engineering graduates or current engineers both local & international (newly arrivals) who want to enhance their knowledge and progress their careers or looking at gaining the necessary skills and experience to enter the Australian engineering industry. Our delivery methods are "Classroom Face to Face" and "Live-Online Interactive" classes.

We act as the bridge between our students/engineers and the employers within the Australian workforce. We take the responsibility to ensure our students are given complete exposure, all the tools and resources they need to strive as a successful Structural Engineer. 

Moly Ashtari 

Course Trainer
Moly is currently working as a senior structural engineer & manages the structural designing team, forensic team & R&D department. Working side by side with engineers, graduates & interns day in & day out, she has excellent knowledge & understanding of the challenges & the needs engineers are faced with.
She has implemented her extensive knowledge in numerous projects nationwide such as remedial solutions for concrete cancer provided to Life Saving Victoria, Mornington Peninsula Shire Boat Sheds Bathing Boxes, Heritage Listed Buildings & others.With more than 8 years' experience in the consulting environment, she specializes in the rehabilitation of structures, technical design of residential, commercial & industrial structures based on Australian (AS/NZS), American & Iranian standards, with her remarkable skill set in designing. Moly is proficient & competent in numerous designing software packages such as: SpaceGASS, RAPT, Structural Toolkit, SAP, Inducta, ETABS, SAFE & Proficient in finite element analysis (FEA) of steel & concrete structures using ANSYS and ABAQUS. Directly admitted to master program based on excellent bachelor records (top ranked student). Her passion for training started when she was working as a teacher assistant, during her bachelor’s degree. While completing her ETABS course her trainer noticed exceptional teaching skills & her outstanding knowledge in engineering principals. With immense hard work & dedication she was promoted from a teacher assistant to ETABS trainer.Working various positions, conducting different structural engineering projects, research on novel remedial techniques on concrete structures & being able to manage a professional team within Australia, Moly has both the experience & knowledge on how to develop & deliver the training at Engineers Institute Australia - EIA.

Why Choose Us?

First & Only Institute to Offer: 
Interactive Live Training + Live Support Channel +
Certificate of Competency + Guaranteed Highly Structured 3 Months-Full Time Internship at a Structural Engineering Consultancy Company, in Australia

Courses Delivered by Real Live Experienced Trainers in the Industry

Structural Engineering Live Online Interactive Highly Structured Short Courses. Enrolment is currently open Start Your Quick Assessment Now.

Courses are Based on Real Life Projects & Australian Standards (AS/NZS)

Students will be trained on real life projects based on Australian Standards and Codes (AS/NZS). Hosted weekly interactive Q&A's open discussion sessions.

Interactive Live Online Support Group Chat

Our live online support group is a safe interactive space, designed to help individuals discuss any number of issues or challenges that they may be experiencing. The objective of our support group ultimately is to help students feel less alone & find additional strength to navigate the complexities of challenges they face.

Course Examination

Upon completing the course, all students must undertake a supervised live online examination around the course material & delivering one unsupervised designing project.

Digital Badges

Digital Badges are issued for all students with a minimum satisfactory result of 75% and above. The certification process confirms that successful students are suitably qualified and skilled with sufficient exposure in designing residential dwellings.

Guaranteed 3 Months Internship Placement  

Our Full-Time internship placements are designed to help individuals get their feet wet within an engineering firm. We’re not saying you can design the Sydney Opera House with one short term internship, but we definitely think you should try. You’ll be trained to act like a professional in the workplace & you’ll receive real life residential projects to design.

Creating your own Portfolio of Local Projects

Our Graduates are industry ready. We train our students and help them create their own portfolio of local projects. The portfolio helps you demonstrate your skill and experience so you'll be ready to face all the challenges in the industry,

Real Life Site Inspections

We believe in practical application of theoretical knowledge. Our students and interns are taken to real site inspection where we encourage them to ask questions and interact with the tutor. It doesn't get realer than this. 

Mentorship & Support

We ensure all students and interns receive over the shoulder mentoring & guidance. We provide all students who successfully complete our courses with all the essential tools & resources they need to enhance their Engineering careers.

Our Courses

In our residential courses, students will learn how to, Design Single Storey Dwellings & Design Double Storey Dwellings step by step based on Australian Standards and Codes AS/NZS using Structural Toolkit & SpaceGASS consist of 6 Modules. All the modules will be covered by working on one real-life project from start of Module 1 through to Module 6. Completing Module 6 means you have designed a single or double storey dwelling on your own & now have the skills & confidence to start designing residential projects.



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